• 1. For you
    2. days like today
    3. Over the Destiny
    4. Happy End
    5. Realized
    6. Love Actually
    7. All Right
    8. The Day
    9. I Know
    10. Be My Lady
    11. Dance
    12. Ready
    13. loveskin
    14. Think of Me

Let's Talk


2AM 3rd Album ‘Let’s Talk’, a Birth of an Album that Touches Heart
2AM ‘Let’s Talk’, When a Warm Consolation and a Quiet Conversation is Needed

- Comeback After 11 Months, Releases the 3rd Album ‘Let’s Talk’ on October 30th
- Title Track ‘Over the Destiny’ Contains Great Earnestness Towards the Destiny with a Parted Lover
- Total of 14 Tracks, Including Solo Songs of the 4 Members, Who Have Grown Up Musically

Having individual activities such as musical and acting after releasing ‘NOCTURNE’ in November, 2013, 2AM comes back with a deep profound sensitivity and a grown up attraction.

2AM has already grown up as a trusting brand after releasing songs that cover our hearts and ears as time goes by: ‘This Song’ (2008), ‘ ‘Never Let You Go‘, ‘You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls‘, ‘I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me’, ‘One Spring Day’, and so on.

This 3rd Album ‘Let’s Talk’ describes 2AM’s sensitivity and placidly touches the heart of the listener, and contains total of 14 tracks including the title track ‘Over the Destiny’ and pre-released J.Y. Park’s style ballad ‘days like today.’

Co-worked by Cho Kyu Man and Cho Kyu Cheon, the title track ‘Over the Destiny’ expresses deep longing for a coincidental and fateful reunion with a parted lover through its lyrics ‘Come to me again over the destiny.’ 2AM’s perfect harmony and emotion control proves each member’s deepened musical maturity.

Created by 2AM and J.Y. Park’s cooperation after 5 years, ‘days like today’ is a song that talks peacefully just like the album title ‘Let’s Talk’, and 2AM expresses the longing, which comes to mind randomly and suddenly with no particular reason, in 2AM’s unique style.

Besides, the album contains ‘To. AM (For you)’ that exposes 2AM’s unique color through abundant harmony, ‘Happy End’ that vocalizes pain of the gap between reality and movies with happy end with a concise melody and mournful lyrics, ‘Realized’, a song about a man as he does not acknowledge the parting, lives out daily lives by himself, and is compelled to realize the parting, , a love song ‘Love Actually’ for the long-standing lovers, ‘All Right’ that shines out exclusive Cuba guitar rhythm and the members’ groove voice, ‘The Day’ that contains the common feelings of the break up day, ‘I Know’ that arouses warm feelings as the member Seul Ong participates in writing, and ‘Think of Me’ to console the worn out and fatigued heart.

Moreover, this album contains 4 solo songs of 2AM members. Jo Kwon’s solo song ‘Dance’ is composed by composer G.Soul and Esna as they were inspired by the musical featuring Jo Kwon called ‘Priscilla’; the song is neutral attractive as it reminds of Madonna or Lady Gaga. Seul Ong’s solo song ‘loveskin’ is both written and composed by Seul Ong himself as he describes every sense of the moment with a lover, especially the situations with a sense of skin touch.

Both written and composed by Jin Woon, solo song ‘Ready’ expresses various feelings of a relationship, from the beginning to the break up; ardent love and sorriness of the lovers, who have to separate in reality despite their love, are well described in the song. Chang Min’s solo song ‘Be My Lady’, a song Chang Min participated in from writing and composing, verbalizes the emotional diary of a man, who has experienced a parting long time ago, as he falls in love with a new woman of his destiny.

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